I’m a Software Engineer, working as a Site Reliablity Engineer at OpsGenie. I mainly code in Java and Go, I used to do NodeJS a lot back in the day but I decided I really like static type languages more. At OpsGenie, our infrastructure is mainly on AWS, and I work on on various parts of it to improve both our daily development cycle and the reliability of OpsGenie.

I am also a PhD student at Bilkent University Computer Science. My main research topic is container scheduling optimization. My master thesis was Stacked Job Scheduling on Virtual Machines with Containers in Cloud Computing Systems. I also created PAGS: Programming Assignment Grading System so that we would have spent less time in grading and have more time to give feedbacks to the students.

My main interests include Go, Linux, Docker and Kubernetes, but I also like working on variety of technologies. Through my career, I also worked on frontend development, big data and streaming analytics, image processing and even robotics development with Android.